Santon Parish Commissioners

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Santon Commissioners

Mailing Preference Service:

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) allows householders to be removed from Direct Marketing mailing lists to significantly reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail they receive.

People can register their details on-line at the MPS website, or contact them by phone for an application form. Contact details are as follows:

Mailing Preference Service (MPS)
DMA House
70 Margaret Street
Tel: 020 7291 3310
Fax: 020 7323 4226

There are also fax, e-mail and telephone preference service links available through the home page of the above site.


A list of recycling bin sites is available on-line at the Government website: here

A four-bin recycling site is now in operation at Mount Murray for clothes, aluminium, glass and paper. The site is to be found at the bottom of Murray's Lake Drive.

It is hoped that a second site will be added at a separate location by arrangement with the D.L.G.E.


Plastics Recycled

Recycle plastic rather than waste it in the incinerator.

All types of clean plastic bottles, containers and polystyrene, paper and cardboard may be taken for recycling to Buck Recycling Ltd. at Balthane Industrial Estate, Ballasalla. The premises are located straight ahead on the main entrance road to Balthane . Go past the first turning on the left and the warehouse is then the second building on the left between Pooil Vaaish Stone Products and the boatyard, easily recognised by the materials outside. Please ensure that the waste is correctly separated in the appropriate bins that are provided. Please also take care not to create litter.


Refuse Collection

Refuse collections are weekly, very early on Wednesday. Refuse should be restricted to putrescible material (kitchen rubbish) and small, light household items. Please ensure that bins are left out in sufficient time to meet the collection.

NOTE: Only one 240 litre bin per normal sized dwelling and a maximum of two per larger dwelling will be emptied "on the rates".

Santon's membership of the Eastern Civic Amenity Site (Douglas - Middle River site, opposite power station) permits all other domestic materials to be taken to any Island amenity site for disposal.
Commercially sourced material will be charged on site.

Please do not put material in your refuse bin which should and could be recycled via a civic amenity site.


Eastern Civic Amenity Site

Presently Santon is a member of the Eastern Civic Amenity Site at Middle River, Douglas. Tel: 01624 678217

All residents are free to use any civic amenity site.

Eastern Civic Amenity Site


Use of Douglas Library by Santon Residents

All Santon residents may now become members of, and use the services of, Douglas Library without charge upon presentation at the library of their Rate Demand or other equivalent proof of address.

Douglas Library website link.


Services of a Commissioner for Oaths

Howard Benson, the present Clerk to Santon Commissioners is a, “Commissioner for Oaths”.

All Santon residents, also others outside the parish, may use the services of a Commissioner for Oaths for various purposes including swearing Affidavits; certifying documents as being true copies of the original; hearing Declarations and other functions such as being a Witness to the signing of a document.

There is no charge for this service if the applicant attends at the Clerk’s residence. If the Clerk is required to attend at the home of the applicant, there may be a small charge depending upon circumstances.

Please contact the Clerk as follows if you think that you may need to use this service:

E-mail: comms AT santon DOT org DOT uk
Telephone/fax 822761.


Santon/Braddan MHK Surgery

Dates will be announced here when next arranged.


Santon Commissioners' Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Commissioners' meetings will be available by e-mail on request to the Clerk (


Santon Commissioners' website privacy notice.

In order to use some of the services provided by Santon Commissioners, you may be required to submit personal information, such as your name, address, post code and email address.
We have a legal duty to ensure that our processes are fair and that we keep your personal data safe and secure, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2002 which will be replaced by the GDPR. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This is an EU law and will take effect in the Isle of Man from 25th. May 2018. We do not share your personal information with anybody else without your knowledge, unless we are required by law to do so. An example of this is the Electoral Register, which, by law, must be available to the public.
We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as it is needed for the service you have requested, and remove it in the event that the purpose has been met.


If you are under 18, please get your parent/guardian's permission before you provide personal information to our website.


Personal Data Retention.

Your personal data may be permanently retained for research use at the Isle of Man Public Record Office if the records containing your personal data are selected for permanent preservation under the Public Records Act 1999. The Isle of Man Public Record Office preserves records of Isle of Man public authorities that are of long-term historic and cultural value.

Access to and use of records at the Isle of Man Public Record Office is governed by legislation, in particular the Public Records Act 1999, the Public Records Order 2015 and the Freedom of Information Act 2015.

Some records are made available to the public for research use, whilst others are covered by access restrictions to ensure sensitive information that should be confidential for a period of time is protected. Where your personal data is included in records transferred to the Record Office, an assessment will be made of whether the records should be covered by an access restriction based on this legislation. Access restrictions will be applied to records as appropriate under this legislation to prevent unlawful access to your personal data. Your personal data will not be used by the Isle of Man Public Record Office for any automated decision making.

The Isle of Man Public Record Office is part of the Department for Enterprise and can be contacted at:, or Unit 40A Spring Valley Industrial Estate, Braddan, Isle of Man, IM2 2QS.

The Department for Enterprise Data Protection Officer can be contacted by e-mail at: