The Board of Commissioners.

Chairman: Mr. Robert A. Parker. (tel. 495686)

Vice Chairman: Mr. Neil Young.

Mr. Ian Burrell.
Mrs Nicola Pemberton.
Mr. Robert Andrew Parker.
Mr. Neil Young.

Eastern Civic Amenity Site Board:
Neil Young.
Southern Police – Multi-Agency Committee (IOM Constabulary) : Clerk
SLA – Traffic Management Liason Group: Mr. I Burrell.
Southern Swimming Pool: Mr. Ian Burrell.
Public Housing Reorganisation Committee, South- (Political): Mr. N. Young with Mrs. N. Pemberton
High Hedges: Mr. Neil Young.
Public Housing Reorganisation Committee, South- (Officers): Clerk
Waste Management Working Group (Officers): Clerk.

Other matters – ad hoc: Clerk and Members as available.

Clerk to the Commissioners:
Mr. G. Barry Kennedy
The Ridings,
Foxdale Road,
The Eairy,
Isle of Man.

Tel: 342090